Uppada Sarees

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Uppada Saree

Uppada village is located 39 KMs from Kakinada, it is a beach town which comes under East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Uppada Pattu Sarees are famous for its beautifully designed cotton sarees. Uppada is a village where modernization and upgrading have not yet found its place. The people have low earnings with an approximate population of 25000 in the village. Yet the people here enjoy their simple life

Uppada Pattu Sarees / Uppada Silk Sarees are very famous and well known for its unique designs. Padmasali community is the major caste here engaged in the weaving of these sarees which have artistic zari work in their beautiful designs.The age-old Jamdani weaving method is used to produce sarees. Only non-mechanical techniques are used to produce these sarees Jamdani is a hand loom woven fabric made of cotton, which traditionally was referred to as muslin.