Katan Sarees

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katan Saree

Katan silk, as a concept, originates from Persia and came to India during the rise of the Mughal Empire. Women belonging to the royal families indulged in silk purchased from China, Persia and even parts of India, such as Benares, in order to weave stylish and elegant garments. As recorded by Inayat Khan in Shah Jahan Nama, the royal women were known for wearing elaborately designed clothes in fabrics like Katan silk, satin, tasser, ambary and kimkhab. Furthermore, they were known for wearing at least 2-3 different outfits in a day and clothes, once worn, were handed to the servants for their use. Through this practice, fabrics such as katan silk were filtered down all the way to the subjects of the empire and were popularized due to their sturdy nature.

Women like Nur Jahan Begum were also known for designing and popularizing new fashions and designs, which made these fabrics all the more desirable amongst the subjects of the empire.