Gharchola Sarees

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Gharchola Saree

Gharchola (also known as Ghatchola and Gharcholu) from Gujarat is woven on Cotton or Silk fabric in large checks of using Silk and Zari threads.

This is further colored in Bandhani or tie & dye technique. These checkered patterns are filled with small golden motifs of peacocks, lotus, human figures, and floral designs. A typical Gharchola is made in Red color, embellished with yellow and white dots, and is 5.5 metres in length & 46 inches in width. This saree makes a wedding or any other ritual for that matter, a scenic and picturesque occasion.

Gharchola has been a significant outfit in a Hindu wedding, especially in North India. The name ‘Gharchola’ means ‘Outfit for Home’, which symbolizes a newly wedded bride joining her new home. These sareea are the gift from the mother-in-law to the newly-wedded bride, which the bride would change into as soon as she stepped into her new home. This signified that the in-laws have taken the responsibility of the bride. This tradition is still followed with some local variations in many North Indian states.