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The salwar kameez is very popular garments are worn by the females of India and have become very popular throughout the world. It is understood that salwar kameez was a style that came from Punjab in Northern India. As time has passed, its popularity has risen and the salwar kameez has garnered worldwide attention. The salwar kameez has three sections - the top section is called the kameez, the bottom part is the salwar and the scarf is the dupatta.

The Anarkali suit is one of these styles which was recently brought back to the Indian fashion scene. The Anarkali suit consists of a long, frock-style top which is known as the Anarkali. The salwar, also known as the churidar, for an Anarkali is usually slim, similar to that of leggings. The Anarkali suit is fitted on the bust area and then features large pleats flowing around the leg area. The length of Anarkali usually ranges from floor length to mid-knee. The Anarkali is a popular style that is found adorned mostly by the females located in Northern India, Pakistan and Middle-Eastern areas of the world.

The Anarkali suit was first introduced during the time of the ancient Mughals. These dresses owe their name to a famous courtesan in the court of the Great Mughal Empire. The styling of the dress has evolved over time, with trends ranging from floor length to mid-length. The Anarkali has become a greatly desired garment recently and is the most recognized style of salwar kameez these days.

Ancient weavers were famous for their special fabric and production of dresses which were sold throughout the world. During the Mughal period, many females wore this rich fabric clothing to enhance their beauty which they then used to charm men. The Anarkali suit gives a very royal appearance to any woman who adorns this stunning garment. The Anarkali suit can be worn for any occasion or festivity. It really is a matter of the type of embroidery that's placed on the piece and the style of fabric which is chosen.